Help us save birds like our cardinal mascot 
Gal Fieri

Window collisions with residential buildings are a leading danger for birds in Canada.

Learn more about window collisions from FLAP Canada.

We offer residential window retrofits to help keep your backyard birds safe from collisions.



"For years we have had birds occasionally fly into our front window and stun or kill themselves. When we heard of Bird Friendly windows we decided to try it, knowing we could remove the dots if we didn't like them. It took 2-3 weeks to get used to the dot stickers and now we hardly notice them. But the birds sure like them! Several times we have seen hummingbirds fly within 6" and just hover there as if they are studying the dots! The men who applied the treatment were professional and pleasant and cleaned up after themselves. If you have a problem with birds hitting your windows you will not be disappointed if you call Bird Friendly Windows London!"


"We feed birds in our backyard near the window and witnessed a few collisions over the summer. Since we treated the window [with Feather Friendly] we have watched birds approach the glass, notice the dots and swerve to avoid hitting them. Would highly recommend this product for effectiveness and aesthetics."


"One of the simplest things that homeowners can do to help conserve birds is to apply collision deterrents like Feather Friendly on their windows. It literally saves lives! For many people who aren't able or interested to climb up on a ladder to do the installation themselves, hiring a reliable contractor to do the job is a no-brainer."

Brendon Samuels,
PhD Student
London Bird Team